"Good-bye To Ole Missoula"

To add more fuel to fires that are burning in my life is a situation that exists in Missoula, Montana.
I am somehow caught in a situation that has abused my civil rights in more ways than one can ever
imagine.  I do not know that if in the days that I have left here on earth I will ever be able to figure
out what has happened to me there in that town, but the link below will try and explain in my own
defense my side of a very queer story of some drug dealers that put me in the L.A. County Jail for
39 days and would not let me out, and still chase me until this day.  I know that the people tied to
the case against me are drug dealers and members of the Rainbow family and the past County
Attorney of Missoula, Montana has taken their side in the case against me.   Some of these
people are in fact organizers of the Rainbow Gathering.

Now, such an Irony in the fire as the town of Missoula suffers through the results of a Rainbow
Gathering that just took place outside of its little town.  The same people that brought me down
and have cast ruin on me and my reputation in Missoula, Montana are the people that are behind
this event.  I wonder who can put the dots together?

Ashley and Robby Standley

Desiree and Benford
I have a boy in Texas that is
married and they have had
my first granddaughter...

Boys let up a little bit I carry much weight upon my life.
Don't let it kill me I have 4 children that need me to help
them through this next millennium,  not to mention the
good work that I could do for my country and I hope
for a better world.  You really do not know who I am...
and the Kangaroo justice is hurting me and my civil rights...

How often does a man have to die for his innocence.
How many suffer the confusion of   THE LAW
And the officials in the little town...we assume that
Just b
Amendment IV

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses,
papers, and effects,  against unreasonable searches and seizures,
shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable
 cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing
the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

 In 1868 the 14th Amendment was passed to ensure that no state
"shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges
or immunities of the citizens of the United States . . .[or] deprive
any person of life, liberty, or property without due process of law,
[or] deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection
of the laws.


She came on so cool and straight.  An associate introduced me and at the time I really was
not aware of the dirty doings of her and her husband and her crooked buddies.  She takes
me to meet a lady friend of hers that has a ranch and her husband works at a school.  She
was said to have been in banking for many years and would have no problem in raising
the money needed to put together a Concert Production company.  They were most interested in
setting up a annual Festival and we agreed to go into business together.  After years in the
trenches of Hollywood, I have never been scammed so seriously by such trash.  I did manage
to get them to an attorney before hand and we drew up a contract which them breached in
many ways and broke the contract on several points.

Rochelle Glasgow worked for the Lambros Reality in Missoula.  This partner of hers seemed very
straight and business like.  We drew up a contract.  Everybody agreed and signed the contract.

After a concert that they set me up for the fall then they all run off to a Rainbow Gathering
while the  Missoulian prints stories that I am some kind of crook and untruths that I dare them
to prove to this day.  Okay, so it is my fault that these con drug folks with ranches and houses
that they are buying working for big real-estate agents in town set me up for a fall, why?

The hernia in my groin and the various tears I am having in my gut.  The tear inside me has been
in pain since the month it tore when I was in the L.A. County jail because the country Attorney
in Missoula thought he needed to break a man down completely to a nothing on earth.  Then
demand that I fly back to Missoula and broken and torn up man and answer charges that were
all because of some dirty dealing of some people that look to be not the real upstanding type of
characters a community should be supporting.  But I guess drug dealers have power and
some kind of support...besides she worked for Lambros Reality...and I did not.

I had no money and to find an attorney was very difficult.  I hooked up with the public defender
and that was looking like a road to just admitting guilt and take it like a man, for something that
I was innocent of...I had to get an attorney to help me.  Bless his soul and I know that I owe him
some good money.  Craig Shannon took on my case and negoiated with the County Attorney
Dust__________________, to let me leave town...

What I went through in the L.A. County Jail for 39 days will tell much more about what I have
already gone through for something that I was not only innocent of, but I was set up for the fall
and I feel that I have been conspired against.  I feel my civil rights have been abused and I need
an attorney still to help me with this tragedy of justice.

While I was up in Missoula I was afraid that these drug folks might cause some harm to me.
Took a couple of weeks to get anything done.  After what I had gone through in the L.A.
County Jail I was in a mental place that was as horrible when I was doing my work and
research on the corruption of what was going on in the mental institutions for children and
youth in the backwards of Texas institutions.  As many gangsters in Los Angeles will tell you...
JAIL.  The fear, pain and sickness of society reeks...and for a white boy the hell is beyond
the imagination that anyone would ever ever believe...Hey, go ask the guys that I spent
Christmas with in those cells.  One of the guys had just killed a city councilman's daughter,
she was pregnant and he told me how he killed her with a knife, here baby included...while
I am missing the first Christmas that I had ever missed with my daughter Desiree.

I cry every day when I hold my gut and hold my children.  Some times it feels so good to just lay
down and rest with my daughter and son holding me.  My mother is dead, my father is dead, all
my grandparents are brother is dead, only my sister lives and she struggles with some
of the same tearing pains that I have due to the situation revolving around the men that stole our
family Estate in Texas and are out to bury me because of what I have dug up on them.

A very real fact in my case and in my own defense here is some of the story.
All my notes and files are locked in storage in Texas and we owe too much
money to get it all back right now.  Has been locked up for over two years.

I moved to Montana back in 1982, after my wife had had a scare with Cancer and wanted to be near
her family.  I was working with the country music scene in Austin, Texas.  Working with Willie Nelson,
Jerry Jeff Walker, Michael Martin Murphey and others.  I did not want to leave Texas, but I loved my
wife and understood her fears.  So, there I was in Zoola, Montana.  Far cry from Austin, Texas and
the life that I was, lets say, about to live.

I worked some at a plant nursery, God that Missoula dirt is hard when it is cold.  I helped my old
buddy Jack Kolberg run his little country store.  I looked and looked for a job.  Hell fire, Missoula,
Montana was broke.  The kids that grew up there were broke.  There were no jobs for anybody.  Much
less this rock and roll cowboy from the music biz.  I had no choice.  I had to do some shows...and
I did.  Over a couple of years I brought Kris Kristofferson, Hoyt Axton, Michael Martin Murphey, the
most incredible Riders in the Sky, who rode the streets of Missoula in a horse drawn wagon playing
their instruments and singing cowboy songs. I brought Gary P. Nunn, one of the great legendary
songwriters in country music to town a couple of times.  I brought up Willie Nelson's daughter Suzie
and did shows with Montana's own MONTANA  and Montana Skyline, Jack Gladstone and others.

The show with Michael Martin Murphy was for Friends to Youth, a organization that works with
runaways.  The following link will take you to my resume concerning my three decades of work in the
name of children and youth.  This work is very well documented.  I went on to make the introductions
and arrangements for the Mark White, the Governor of Texas to appoint Murphy as the National
Chairperson for The Runaway Hotline, a hotline run out of Texas that I was part of organizing back
in 1973.  It was an incredible show and was opened by LeGrande Harvey.  Took place on the U. of
Montana campus.  All my bills were paid and the show made a little money.

I knew LeGrande's brother in Austin, TX.  Alex Harvey had written "Delta Dawn" and "Rubin James"
recorded by Kenny Rogers.  LeGrande had written a song and came in a recording studio that I was
working out of in Missoula and played me this song he had written called "Montana Melody."  First,
time I heard it I thought..."Well, shoot lets record that and sell it to the tourist."  Not really, but we
did record it and I brought in 28 kids from a elementary school in Missoula to sing the chorus on the
recording.  Long story short...cut the song in a 45 RPM record, no foolin', one of those with the big
holes in the middle.  Back to selling these things to the tourist.  I mailed some of the records to
some folks with the Montana tourist bureau, legislators and other folks in the entertainment world.
A movement began and the song ended up being voted as the OFFICIAL STATE BALLAD OF THE
STATE OF MONTANA, Thank you very much, I produced the Official State Ballad of Montana.

Went on to produce a album and released there in Montana with the State Ballad on the album.
Will not go into it right now, but it was an incredible album.  And Montana school children to this day
sing the song "Montana Melody" in their classrooms in the band halls and on their football fields.
I love what the song stood for and the beauty and wilderness that is Montana. I will always feel part
of that state.  LeGrande Harvey still owes me money, but that is the way it goes.  I put a good year
of my life into the project and the reward was really enough that it became the State Ballad.

I have had two children born in Missoula, Montana. I also brought my good friend Bobby Bridger
up to Zoola.  South of Missoula is the Bridger mountain range.  Bobby Bridger is kin to Jim Bridger,
the famous Mountain Man.  Bobby is one incredible performer and though he's a performer for
the Buffalo Bill Historical Society in Cody, Woyming, he had never performed in Montana.  I
brought Bobby up to open for Emmylou Harris.  I had the offer to do a date with Emmylou and I
could not at first find a place to book her.  Though some friends I was introduced to the idea of doing
the show in the gym at Sentinel High school.  It had never been done, but the principle at that time
loved the idea, and there I was bringing in one of the darlings of country music into a sell out show.
Folks to this day talk about the concert.

It happened to be the first concert produced in the High School Gym and started a trend using the
place for shows.  I saw Nitty Gritty Dirt Band and the late and grate Nicolette Larson in there.

All of this and more ...I did not owe anybody any money.  I had never been sued.  I had never had a
judgment against me.  Like many I have had some ups and downs in business, had some problems
when things did not work, bank goes overdrawn and a check bounces, but I have never on purpose
committed any crime.  After all these shows in Missoula, I had no business problems.

I did have one big problem with the University of Montana on a show.  I know I had a case against
them and received a letter from the Governor of the State at the time.  His letter read:

July 6, 1984

Dear  Mr. Standley,

I read your letter and attachments with much interest.  The situation surrounding the Montana
Mountain Country Art and Music Festival is unfortunate.  I recommend that you contact the Board
of Regents of the State of Montana to see if there is anything at all that they can do...

In any event, you may want to consult an attorney to see if there are any legal actions that could
be taken to make you financially whole.  Perhaps a billing procedure with an attorney could be
worked out that would enable you to seek redress and at the same time not overextend your
financial obligations.

I am sorry there is nothing that I can do directly.  I hope your get this matter resolved in the
very near future.


I have letters from Hoyt Axton, Speaker of the House Daniel Kemmis, Kris Kristofferson and Irving
Dayton the Commissioner of Higher Education about the matter and in my support of what had
happened that fateful weekend on the University of Montana campus.  It was criminal and I will
never forget the man that was responsible for the situation.  In short I was wronged!!!!!  Even with
this terrible problem, I did not write any bad checks or there were no debts left unpaid. In fact
the University of Montana ended up oweing me money back to me in the end.  And we
left no one in town owed money.  My old friend Hoyt Axton, God rest his soul wrote me,

Dear Benford,

I read all the information you sent about the concert.  I can see how much trouble you had and
it is a crying shame that something that should have brought much enjoyment to many people
had to be interfered with by tourmoil and confusion.  This letter is to let you know that you do
not have to pay us any more gave it your best shot.  That's all anyone can do.
Hope things get better for you soon.

Hoyt Axton

I had put together a show at the University of Montana with Kris Kristofferson, Hoyt Axton, Willie
Nelson's daughter Susie Nelson, Billy Swan, and about 12 other great great acts.  It was the
(first) MOUNTAIN COUNTRY ART & MUSIC FESTIVAL.  Was no doubt could have been a
great event for the town.  It was also to be a major art fair.  I had investors and everything was
going great.  We had wanted to do it outside, but the local law enforcement said they did not
want all the vagrants and problems that would come from a show like this...he made it sound
like I was doing a Black Sabbath concert.  After he went on and on...I looked at him and said,
"Hoyt Axton?  Kris Kristofferson?  I am talking country music here.  They said no.

I will not go into all the problems that we had with the show, but I have no doubt that someone
was trying to bring down the show.  I heard some pretty wild stories from other promoters
about problems that had also had with the University and shows they promoted there.  I was
told by several attornies that I had a case against the University, as did the letter from the
Governor of the State of Montana at the time.

Between this problem and the fact that after all the work on the Montana Melody project and the
fact that I did not get paid money owed to me on that project, my wife and I were have bad money
problems.  She filed for divorce on me, so I moved back to Texas for awhile.  After less than a year
in Texas I moved back up to Montana to be near and with my daughter.  After awhile I moved out to
Malibu, California.  I had been sharing cousity with my daughter.  For the first ten years of her life
she lived with me as much