Malibu Film Festival 2002 Flashback
For the third year the is happy to bring you the MALIBU FILM FESTIVAL.  The
festival ran from August 16 through August 22.  Festival Executive Director, David Katz opened
the festival at the Opening Gala in the incredible Castle Kashan, hosted by the very beautiful Lilly
Lawrence.  Actress Susan Sommers and many others attended the opening Gala and gave a great
kickoff to the 3rd Malibu Film around for fun at the Festival here at the StudioClub


Festival Exectutive Producer David Katz
and Skye Wilson, Festival Producer and
event organizer welcome everybody

Host Lilly Lawrence with Skye Wilson and 
David Katz and friends

presenting sponsor of the Malibu Film Festival


Gala host Lilly Lawrence and Jo Hook

Susan Pettit  with director/writer/actress
Deborah Vancelette, who has her film
BLINK in the Malibu Film Festival

THIS YEARS HONOREES: The Malibu Film Festival is honoring the Independent Filmmakers who’s
films are screening at the Festival. This is different from past Festivals that honored the established
filmmakers. "The Malibu Film Festival has an opportunity to showcase new films & talent to the film
industry close to home," says Festival Producer David Katz

FESTIVAL MISSION: As Malibu is the home to many film industry decision makers,the Malibu Film
Festival is focusing on new films and talent that are looking for distribution and representation.  As the
Festival grows, it will be a tool for the industry to acquire new films & talent, close to home.

PAST HONOREES: James Cameron, John Frankenheimer, Roger Corman, Seymour Cassell,
Charles Bronson, Arthur Hiller, Barry Spikings, Shirley Maclaine, Lloyd Bridges, Nick Nolte, Katrina
Bronson and 100's of independent filmmakers.

producer Jacalyn Kane

Joseph Lynde, Jr, on lft

Silent / Live Auction
 sponsored by Gallery of Dreams

oon right is photographer Glen Lipton,
who shoots the stars all over Hollywood

 fashion show

More of Gala

Flowers by 
Luna Gardens
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