Andy Dick and Martin Landau
share the fun and  the stage

Festival founder and Producer 
David Katz opens the night



David Katz, Festival producer and founder and Andy Dick
give award to producers of  "See This Movie"

Martin Landau gives award to Andy Dick

Andy Dick accepts awards and says kind words about his pal Martin

Andy Dick and Elaine

Martin Landau and Elaine

Elaine and Lee Sotters, who was
Frank Sinatra's Publist for 32 years
Elaine Lee, host model/film student
poses with the stars at the Festival Awards dinner


       Best of Festival "See This Movie" Joe Smith, Producer / David Rosenthal, Director
       Pollywog Entertainment Andy Dick Film Scholarship Joe Smith, Producer / David Rosenthal, Director
       Audience Choice Feature Film "The Last Horror Movie" Julian Richards
       Audience Choice - Best Animated Short Film "Rock Fish" Tim Miller
       Jury Award - Best Animated Short Film "Bid 'Em In" Neal Sopata
       Jury Award - Best Short Film "The Moment After" Lisa Lloyd
       Audience Choice - Best Short Film "Inamorata" Robert Cuadra
       Projectionist Award - Best Comedy Short Film "Days Like These" Ross Guidici
       Audience Choice - Best Documentary "Flight From Death" Patrick Shen, Director / Greg Bennick. Producer
       Jury Award - Best Documentary "Nothing Without You" Ted Mattison / Paul Kelleher
       Jury Award - Best Mockumentary "Ed's Dead" Jack Voorhies
       Jury Award - Best Surf Film "A Brokedown Melody" Chris Malloy
       Audience Choice - Best Surf Film "Blue Horizon" Jack McCoy
       Best New Production Company Pollywog Entertainment / Andy Dick
       Jury Award - Best Cinematography "Limbo"
       Special Jury Award "Poop" Andrew Cappelletti
       Special Thanks Award Lynette Hernandez, California State Parks

POOP wins for promotions

T.J. Meyers star of POOP and producer,
writer, producer of POOP Andrew Cappelletti


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