Wireless, the Internet, Digital, Entertainment
and High Deff is the Industry Buzz at CES 2004

"Convergence, flat panel displays and greater broadband access is the

volatile mix that will fuel the industry growth in 2004."


Bill Gates gives the opening keynote

CES 2014

For the fourth year we take you to a window to the future.  At the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas
we see that the entertainment industry has moved from the old school to the new school.  I could not help
feel the excitement as I realized that the new music and entertainment companies are the computer com-
panies.  We see that the PC is not the network for our own personal entertainment and home service
systems.  It seems that every major company had their version of mobile devices for us to take our music
from the Internet and our PC to other parts of our life...

Digital TV sales increase 61.7%.  Motorola upgrades its broadband digital-video device line and every
company from Sony to Kenwood, Rio, Samsung, Dell, Toshiba, Microsoft, Pioneer, Panasonic all were
showing their music download devices.  One could clearly see that music and entertainment were a big
big part of the CES show.  We see that the PC is on the way to becoming the network for entertainment
in the home and for the Mobil devices.


CES 2014

Wireless, Home Theater, Mobil Video, Plasma TV, Flat Screen, Home Photo Printers,
Satellite Radio, LCD TV, High Speed Data Video, High Definition Multimedia Interface,
Wearable PCs, Home Networking, Digital Voice Recorders, Download Music Devices.

While the music business ignored them
fought Napster...the computer guys team
up for the new revolution in music

Gallagher was there...
Music devices in the automobile, video in cars, huge speakers and map systems.
The mobility of the entertainment systmes was a big part of CES 2004

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Tom Hanks and more Celebs


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