China Club Projam and the

Steven Stills

Skunk Baxter from the Doobie Brothers and
Steve Lukather from Toto

Brett  Clark Projam co Producer

Peter Tork

Ted Andreadis, Joey Covington, King Cotton, Brent Harvey co-

producer of the great nights at China Club... 


Yeper it is Gary Busey



Gavin Christopher

Mitch Perry, who plays
with Edgar Winter

Steve Ferrone (Tom Petty 
& The Heartybreakers / 
 Eric Clapton) 


Tina-Marie Stoker

Cherie Huet & Norma

Ariela, Brent & Laura 

Jeryl Thompson (LTP Entertainment), 
Brent & Art Aaronson 
 Image by

Bonnie on dance floor

Stills sings "Love the One You're With"

Miles Joseph and John Beeland, who was
original member of the Flying Burrito Bros.
and Rick Nelson's Stone Canyon Band.

Gavin and Ollie


Gilli Moon does her showcase

Chier, Brent and Cindy

AK, producer of Projam

Joey Covington on left, and founding
member of Jefferson Airplane, Greater 
Tuna and Jefferson Starship with 
Producer James Bartholet

Robbyn and Gavin do the harmony


 Chris Jude and Diana Ibarra

Brett between two of the guys
from Supanatural
Extreme Cleavage

Sarah Martin

Billy Preston, who has played with the
Beatles, Sam Cooke, Ray Charles,
Rolling Stones and many others

Jaenine Tsoi

Nadia Tran
Image by


Models Actress Stage


Gary rocks with some
Buddy Holly

Smokey Miles and Brett 

Punkin' Pie is having fun

Punkin' Pie 

Caryn Robin & Robin Kimnse


Robin Kimnse

Jan. 17th night

Brent, Cindy and Brett

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