Hal Ketchum

Acoustical at the Key Club in Hollywood
StudioClub.com stopped by to see this
ole Texas singer/songwriter and 
hope your enjoy the shots...go hear
his music at our various links.


Hal Ketchum... poet... songwriter... painter... carpenter... singer... actor... author... a true
modern day artisan. Born in NY, Hal was introduced to music as a child by his musical parents.
He was the sought after drummer in high school band circles. He made his way to Texas in the
early eighties where he made his mark with future pals Lyle Lovett, Jimmie Dale Gilmore,
Willie Nelson, and Asleep at the wheel, among others. It was a hot bed for these young talents
and they were making history.

Hal landed his record deal with Curb Records in Los Angeles in the early 90's and the rest we
know, is the history we love. His first single off his first record for Curb went straight to number
one scoring Hal his first Gold record. The song of course is his now famous, "Small Town
Saturday Night."

Since then Ketchum has had 15 top ten hits, countless songwriting awards, and was inducted
into the Grand Ole Opry. Hal's release, Lucky Man, scored the top 40 hit, She Is, written for
his muse, Gina. Hal and Gina were married on Valentines Day 1998 and have two daughters
Fani and Ruby. The couple have just finished their first children's picture book due out later
this year.

Hal had a very successful gallery opening with his original paintings at the Pena Gallery in
Santa Fe, New Mexico in December. Signed prints can be purchased in our web site store
of some of his originals.



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