Merle Haggard's
second annual
UFO Music Fest
Roswell, NM

Willie Nelson and Lacy J. Dalton


Image by

The Hag under the UFO light


Merle tell local news about the UFOs they
expect to see later that night during the Fest

Lacy J. Dalton and Merle talk backstage
before the show and the UFOs landed

Frank Mull on left with Lacy J and some
WSM Radio Folks from Nashville, TN

Mickey and Merle Mickey is in Willie's band

Lacy J. and Michael D.

Lacy J. Dalton

Freddy Powers

Tom Bresh plays with
Haggard and sings few songs

Lacy UFO Dalton

Special tribute song sang to the Vets

Michael D.  winner of  WSM Radio
 & Merle Haggard talent search
Merle and Willie sing and the girls dance and fun is had by
 thousands at the 2nd annual Merle Haggard UFO Music Fest

Willie and Merle do Pancho and Lefty...eeeeeHaw
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Merle at Crazy Horse
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